What we are all about

Creatively Christian is a podcast and community produced by Theophany Media that explores the intersection of faith and creativity–and how to grow in each area.

For us, creativity is not just about art–creativity is expressed anytime someone thinks outside the box and steps into their mission. In each episode of the show, one of four fantastic hosts interviews a Christian creative about their life, work, and theology so that you can learn and be inspired by their story. The show has featured movie directors, fiction writers, dancers, a Lego architect, and everyone in between.

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Our hosts

One of the standout features of this show is that Creatively Christian boasts four unique hosts. Brannon, Andrea, Dave, and Rachel individually interview guests, while Brannon always starts and finishes the episode. Each brings their own creative hobbies, approaches to craft, and years of experience. Together, they provide a wealth of wisdom from every side of creating!

Brannon Hollingsworth Picture

BRANNON HOLLINGSWORTH, the Chief Creative Officer of Brainy Pixel was born to create. An author, speaker, poet, publisher, game designer, content creator, scriptwriter, art director, and unapologetic Christ-follower, Brannon is a passionate creator and teacher of youth who promotes family-oriented ministries.

ANDREA SANDEFUR is a civil engineer turned stay-at-home mom and singer-songwriter. She plays the piano, leads worship at her church, and loves to write new songs. One of Andrea’s favorite activities is encouraging creative artists in her congregation through hosting artist showcases. View Andrea’s website.

DAVE EBERT has years of experience as an improviser, actor, speaker, and improv coach. He is also a credentialed minister with the Assemblies of God. Before finding improv, Dave spent over eight years traveling as a pro wrestler. Dave also hosts the Gifts4Glory podcast.

RACHEL OXBOROUGH is training as an art psychotherapist. She paints in a variety of mediums and is passionate about using creativity to promote mental wellbeing. With experience running an art school, she now works with organizations with art courses and programs. Rachel is a member of the British Association of Art Therapists.

JAKE DOBERENZ is a theologian, author, public school teacher, and podcaster. He has earned two degrees, a bachelor’s in Biblical Studies and a Master's of Theological Studies, and is pursuing a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy degree. He founded Theophany Media, has his own Substack called A Christian in Public, and also edits and produces Creatively Christian.

Our guests

Guests range from experts to newbies and come from a variety of creative fields. We showcase musicians, filmmakers, ministers, authors, artists, and more all seeking to glorify God. Some are creative as a hobby. For others, it’s a full-time career. Through these interviews, we inspire, inform, educate, and empower the next generation of creative Christians around the globe.

Past Hosts

These hosts have helped us in previous seasons.

Bill Brooks

BILL BROOKS holds a BA in Art from Millersville University. He is a self-published writer and illustrator of Jesus Christ is Born and has written and recorded songs for his EP Jesus Came To Love. He is also a song leader for his church. Currently, Bill is creating a comic book called Joseph: Favored Son of Israel.

LYNN BABER believes that God has a unique vision and purpose for everyone. A best-selling Christian author, applied life coach, and serial entrepreneur, she helps readers and clients clarify that vision and bring it across the finish line. Visit Lynn’s website.

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Creatively Christian is a podcast and community that inspires faithful creatives to thrive by sharing the stories of others.


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