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Doing More with Your Time - Shea and Michelle Watson

Doing More with Your Time - Shea and Michelle Watson

Husband and wife podcasters Shea and Michelle share how they were called to minister.

On this episode of Creatively Christian, hosted by Brannon Hollingsworth, husband and wife duo Shea and Michelle Watson, hosts of The Pantry Podcast, discuss how a small idea turned into a multi-faceted ministry. They share about the importance of letting go of control, authentically investing in people, and not pandering to audiences.

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Shea and Michelle co-host The Pantry Podcast. Shea is a veteran of the U.S. Army, a men’s ministry leader, and a biomedical engineer technician. He also runs In Full Color Ministries to spread the Gospel and stock their food pantry in Kisumu, Kenya. Michelle is the owner of Busy Christian Creatives and has a background in graphic design. With their daughter, they created What’s Up?? with the Watsons on YouTube.


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Today’s episode is hosted by Brannon Hollingsworth the Chief Creative Officer of Brainy Pixel, who was born to create. An author, speaker, poet, publisher, game designer, content creator, scriptwriter, art director, and unapologetic Christ-follower, Brannon is a passionate creator and teacher of youth who promotes family-oriented ministries. Follow Brainy Pixel on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

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