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Writing for Video Games - Stephanie Glover

Writing for Video Games - Stephanie Glover

Stephanie Glover discusses writing for video games and also how to better your craft as a creative.

On this episode of Creatively Christian, hosted by Brannon Hollingsworth, screenwriter and video game writer Stephanie Glover how she got into video game writing without any formal trainer. In her interview, she gives practical advice for working on long projects, how to deal with criticism, and what to look for in a writer’s group.

Stephanie Glover is a writer, director, and producer that works in the entertainment industry. Most recently her debut animated short film, Blueberry, won first prize in the Afro-Animation Film Festival, and she worked as a senior writer on the video game: The Walking Dead: Last M.I.L.E. Stephanie is a thematic writer that tells universal stories of connection, joy, and self-discovery. Currently, she is writing on several unannounced projects and is preparing to release her first book.


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